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750ml Rum Spirits Bottle And Origin Of MULATA Liquor

750ml Rum spirits bottle and origin of MULATA liquor

A kind of Cuban rum, originated in 1844, Chinese name: Mulantan; mulata is Spanish. Mulantan wine is a traditional drink of Cubans. Mulantan spirits is a kind of sugarcane soju spirits made from sugar cane honey as raw material by the brewer, which is packed into white oak barrels. After years of careful brewing, it produces a unique and unparalleled taste, which has become a favorite drink for Cubans and has been widely welcomed in the international market.

The history of Cuban Mulantan is an integral part of the history of Cuba. Cuban Mulantan spirits culture is a unique chapter of Cuban culture.

Mulantan Liquor is a natural product, which is made from sugar cane. The whole production process starts from the careful selection of raw materials, followed by the distillation of alcohol and the aging of sugarcane soju. The quality of Mulantan wine is determined by the aging time, some for a year, some for decades. The ones on the market are usually three years old and seven years old, with an alcohol content of 38o4o, respectively. Heavy alcohols are removed in the production process, preserving the pleasant aroma of the spirts.

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