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700ml Whiskey Bottle

700ml Whiskey Bottle

A 700ml whiskey bottle is a standard-size bottle commonly used for packaging and selling whiskey. It is typically made of glass and designed with a long neck and a narrow opening to facilitate easy pouring. The bottle may be sealed with a cork or a screw cap, depending on the brand and type of whiskey.

In the industry, the 700ml whiskey bottle is often referred to as a “fifth” or “handle” due to its size. It is a popular size for both domestic and export markets and is often used by distilleries for their flagship or premium products.

When purchasing a 700ml whiskey, it is important to consider the age and quality of the whiskey, as well as the brand and origin. Whiskey enthusiasts may also take note of the bottle’s design and label, as these can often provide clues about the character and flavor of the whiskey inside.

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