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Where To Buy Empty Glass Bottles

Where to buy empty glass bottles

Hiking Glass bottle company offers an abundant supply of glass bottles, various types of shapes, capacity, color, size, and different sealing types. With more than 5000 glass bottle designs, we are sure you will find a glass bottle you love.

Vodka bottle

Vodka bottle is one of our most hot sale glass bottle type. There are some common features for vodka bottles: tall and thin shapes, mostly are cylinder shaped easy handle, T-cork sealing way like plastic corks. HIking glass bottle factory offers fashion vodka bottles in affordable low price. Vodka bottles mostly are sell to America market, 750ml capacity is the standard size of America market. And Europe and Australia and New Zealand markets are 700ml capacity. We also produce some famous brand vodka glass bottles, some with decorations, like frosting, printing, electroplating. HiKing Glass bottle can meet all needs of spirits distilleries.

Whiskey bottle

Almost 90% whiskey bottles have a special neck looking, which makes the bottle use a unique curved shrink sleeve wrap to tamper proof. Whiskey bottles usually use a screw top finish, aluminum caps are the best choice for bottling plant, economic price and easy opening. Hiking glass bottle company manufacture a wide range of whiskey bottles, some with emboss and engrave logos, we accept custom alcohol bottles. Adhesive label also works on whiskey bottle, there are paper and transparent plastic labels.

Brandy bottle

Hiking glass bottle plant supply attractive and interesting brandy bottles. Brandy bottles is the most fashion shape I think. They owns a wide range of shapes and complicated and exquisite decoration. Brandy bottles use a wide cork sealing, such as glass cork and big size natural wood cork, the reason must be natural cork is to prevent chemical reaction when the cork immersed to the liquor.

We offer 50ml, 100ml, 250ml 500ml, 700ml, 750ml, 1L and a variety of unique glass bottles capacities. Hiking glass bottle produce more than one billion glass bottles annually. Plus, we also provide corks and printing service for clients, all best quality. Welcome to contact with us by phone or email, we will bring you highest quality and packaging solutions.

Decoration on glass bottles

Hiking glass bottle company with rich experience in glass bottle industry, with business expanding, we have developed our own printing, frosting, painting, electroplating service. There are two different way for printing, one is silk printing, another decal, the printing machine and process are similar but the finished looking is different. We will make printing as per client’s needs both high temperature and low temperature are available. Some labels can only be low temperature. Besides, there are glossy gold and matte gold printing effect, there is an obvious cost difference between glossy gold printing glass bottle and matte gold printing glass bottles. The frosted glass bottles are some kind of etched by a hydrochloric acid, the bottle tops are airtight sealed by a special rubber tube to prevent any acid leaking into the bottle, there is no any harmful substance inside the bottle, you can buy frosted spirit bottle from us safely. Painting colored glass bottles, Hiking glass bottle can offer you matte color painting bottles, glossy color painting bottles, transparent colored glass bottles, and graduated color painted glass bottles. Electroplated glass bottles, professionally speaking it is UV skills, UV makes a  much better looking than normal electroplating technology. UV apply the bottle a more stronger and stable color, the color can last longer, not easy falling off. But there is a deficiencies  for UV bottles, UV colors can only apply low temperature printing, which means the label must be available and works under 180°C.

How to choose glass bottle supplier

Glass bottle is now more fashion and popular, and more people pay more attention, each kind of liquor apply for a special glass bottle, such as liquor with a transparent glass bottle, Maotai use mostly creamy bottles, beer with colored bottles. As per specific needs and requirements to choose the right suitable glass bottle, in accordance with the actual use of standards and methods to determine, to fully demonstrate the performance and advantages.

The selection of glass bottle supplier should be very strict. If the glass bottle manufacturers certified by the audit, the production plant can be soft, hardware facilities, technical equipment, comprehensive level of quality to make a comprehensive and correct assessment. The sealing of glass bottle and body. This depends on the cap gasket of the credit, the cap gasket in the bottle and the process between the bottle, sealing plays a main role. Glass bottle quality control process, from the production plant product quality standards can be analyzed to determine the merits of product quality. In accordance with a certain way to review, to ensure that the purchase of the bottle is strictly safe and good quality.

China glass bottle manufacturers

China is a big market and center of glass bottle industry. There are thousands of glass bottle factories in China. There is a strange phenomenon for distribution position of glass bottle plants in China. Generally, there are three provinces gathered many many glass bottle companies. Sichuan province, very famous for super flint glass bottle production, you can find the best quality glass bottle there, but there are many glass bottles factories shut down in recently years, for environmental protection reason. Shandong province, is the biggest area of glass bottle factories, there are top grade and middle grade quality glass bottle manufacturers. As the machine is different, so if the bottle only produce top grade, then you will not find second grade in their factory. Hiking glass bottle company located in Shandong province, produce top grade qualified glass bottles, you will find the whole liquor packaging industry in our city, such as liquor bottle box, liquor bottle labels, liquor bottle caps, corks, and guala caps for Russia market. Jiangsu province, mostly manufacture normal flint glass bottles, the quality is not good as Sichuan and Shandong, but their price is very low. You have to visit these three provinces if you have a chance to visit China to purchase glass bottle.

How to pack glass bottles for long time ocean shipping ?

Glass bottles are easy fragile products, you maybe get a bulk of glass shards if the glass bottle factory pack your bottles badly. Hiking glass bottle company have a safe way to pack the bottles, which have applied for many years, it is safe and good for ocean transportation. There are strong cardboard dividers to separate each glass bottle to prevent any scratch caused by friction. Hiking glass bottles also offers reusable colored box packaging, client can use the box to pack the filled bottles and sell them to retailers and distributors. There are more carefully protection applied for this kind of packaging, and a special sealing way for the boxes. As the boxes will be available for retail, so we will not seal the box top by tape. Also, we will place the boxes on the pallet, then wrapped by transparent plastic films. Finally, we use four plastic cards to protect the corners of the boxes. We HiKing glass bottle have exported glass bottles to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe countries and Russia Federations.

What machines glass bottle manufactures use ?

There are CNC and IS machines for glass bottle manufacturing. CNC machines are semi-automatic manual machines is used to produce large size or unique shaped glass bottles. IS machine, such as 6S and 8S machines, full-automatic machines. Both the CNC and IS machines produce 10000pcs bottles per  day. For big order quantity, we will make two or more sets of moulds to satisfy client’s market  requirements.

HiKing glass bottle factory was built in 2002, with a wide range good quality glass bottles, welcome to call us or email us for glass bottle purchasing.

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