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Customized Solutions For Your Business

Boasting a robust Research and Development team of over 80 skilled professionals, we span a gamut of specializations within material science and engineering. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering only the most exemplary products and services, designed precisely to fulfill our clients’ diverse requirements. It is through this dedicated, integrated approach that we achieve excellence and drive customer satisfaction.

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Our Services & Features

Full-Spectrum Support From concept to delivery, we offer full-service solutions. Our experts will guide you through design, prototyping, production, and logistics.Contact us for a consultation to begin your journey to an unrivaled bottling experience.

The Bottle Supports Various Customization


    Elevate your product with our array of customization options. Choose from a range of high-end finishes including frosting, color-tinting, and specialized textures. Add your distinctive touch with custom logos and labels for a bottle that stands out on any shelf.

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Packaging Design


    We transform designs into actual products and test and evaluate them.We make 3D printing samples according to drawings. Finally, make molds and glass bottle samples according to the drawings.


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Customized Lids


    Aluminium caps, Guarana caps, Glass corks, Synthetic T-Corks, Polymer T-Corks, Screwcap, Twist-off Cap, plastic cap…


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Customized Package


    Cloth Bag,Colored Box,Gift Box,Tissue sheets,Wooden Box…


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Custom Packing Transport


    5-ply carton,Pallet with 3-ply strong dividers,Packing Strap each pallet,Full containers shipping,L shaped angle board,Safe and smooth loading.Customized packing acceptable.


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