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We provide an abundant of colored glass bottles. Amber olive oil glass bottles, glossy gold / pink champagne glass bottles. Bright black and matte black glass bottles for spirit. Wholesale 75cl liquor glass bottles.

HIKING only produce transparent white spirit bottles, but we have partner produce solid colored glass bottles, there are cobalt blue, light blue, amber, antique green glass bottles. There are many clients asked us to help them to buy colored bottles from our partners. We can also share their contact information with our clients.

In Yuncheng county, no factory can manufacturer solid glass, but we can spray colors on white glass bottles, especially the black colors, which have been sale to America market, and receive a good reputation.

Premium black color vodka bottle are mostly hot sale around the world. There are matte black color, and shiny / glossy black color bottles, and frost black bottles. We can do any color on the glass bottles.

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