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Wholesale 1000ml Skull Shape Vodka Glass Bottle For Sale

Product NameSkull Shape Vodka Glass Bottle


Skull Shape Vodka Glass Bottle has a very high height and gradually becomes wider from the bottle bottom to the shoulder. The liquor bottle glass base is 20mm thick, which makes the bottle look very high quality. The plate finish offers a variaty of cap options,including synthetic cork, wooden cork, high polymer cork, and more.

Liquor Bottle Mmanufacturer
Skull Shape Vodka Glass Bottle HIKING GLASS

The Details of Skull Shape Vodka Glass Bottle

glass 750ml liquor bottle
Skull Shape Vodka Glass Bottle

Decoration Application

  • Decal and print logo on unique design Skull Shape Vodka Glass Bottle, OEM is highly welcome.
  • Frost glass bottles are becoming popular for liquor bottles.
  • Embossing is widely used for customized glass vodka bottles, brandy bottles, tequila bottles and other spirit. We emboss or engrave client’s brand name or logo on the glass directly, which means the mold is owned by the distillery.
  • Electroplating brings a glossy and bright feeling for glass bottles, this kind of bottles are usually in high cost, and for top grade markets.

Shipping/Freight Information

As one of the biggest glass bottle factory in China, we supply sufficient stock for hot sale bottles, mostly are our standard glass bottles. So, the 7-10 days delivered urgent orders are available for hot sale seasons, like Christmas sale and New Year sale.

  • With over 10 years’ experience in glass bottle manufacturing, we have developed thousands of glass bottle models. We have different kinds of bottle designs for client’s choice, mostly clients can find their favorite glass bottles from HIKING exist bottles, which are ready mold. The delivery time for such orders are 25-30 days.
  • Some distillery companies own their exclusive liquor bottles. In this way, if you provide us the glass bottle drawing, or glass bottle sample, even a glass bottle picture, we will develop or copy a same glass bottle. The lead time for mold is 15 days.

Glass Bottle Packaging

  • Standard carton packaging is used for glass bottles in printing. There is clapboard to avoid friction.
  • Pallet packaging is easy handling way for glass bottle loading and unloading. It is also the most economic packaging method for spirit bottles
  • Custom colored boxes packaging is the most complicated glass bottle packaging. Clients provide the box artworks, glass bottle company provide bottles and boxes, which are reusable after filling.
750ml Liquor Bottle manufacturer - HIKING GLASS
Skull Shape Vodka Glass Bottle- HIKING GLASS

TIPS of Skull Shape Vodka Glass Bottle

The key points of glass bottle inspection.

Third, the production inspection

1. Without changing the mold, every 15 mins, each mold pick out 10 pcs for volume, weight testing, and meanwhile need to detect the inner and outer diameter of the mouth, because the mouth is easy to stain with oil, resulting in the lid without sealing properly, and cause the liquid leaking

2. In the production, molds may be replaced with new molds. Therefore, after changing molds, the production department must immediately notify the quality assurance office. The quality assistant must do a strict inspection on the first bottles made with new molds, and the inspection of the production, to prevent quality problems caused by missed inspections due to quality inspection after molds change.

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