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Top Ten Spirits Packaging Exhibition In The World

The spirits packaging industry is a dynamic and innovative sector, with numerous trade shows and exhibitions showcasing the latest trends, technologies, and designs. Here are some of the top wine and spirits packaging exhibitions from around the world:


Spirits packing-Held in Bordeaux, Hong Kong, and Paris, Vinexpo is one of the leading international wine and spirits exhibitions. It brings together winegrowers, producers, and professionals from the global wine and spirits industry, providing a platform for networking and discovering new products and packaging solutions.

Glass packing exhibition


Spirits packing-Taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany, ProWein is one of the largest trade fairs for wine and spirits. It features an extensive range of packaging options, from innovative closures to state-of-the-art labeling technologies, attracting professionals from over 100 countries.

Glass packing exhibition


Spirits packing-This specialized B2B trade show, held in Reims, France, focuses on luxury packaging and marketing for wines and spirits. It showcases a variety of packaging materials, labels, caps, equipment, and limited edition packaging, catering to the high-end segment of the market.

Glass packing exhibition

SWOP – The Packaging Fair

Spirits packing-As a member of the interpack alliance, swop takes place in Shanghai, China. It covers the entire packaging process chain, including packaging materials, machinery, and technology for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and non-food consumer goods industries.

Glass packing exhibition


Spirits packing-While not a trade show in the traditional sense, the Pentawards is a prestigious annual competition that recognizes excellence in packaging design. It includes a category for spirits, which often features innovative and creative packaging solutions that set industry trends.

Glass packing exhibition

China Wine & Spirits Fair (CWSF)

Spirits packing-This exhibition, held in various cities across China, focuses on the domestic and international wine and spirits market. It offers a comprehensive view of the industry, from production to consumption, and includes a wide range of packaging solutions.

Glass packing exhibition

Bar Convent Brooklyn (BCB)

Spirits packing-BCB is an international spirits trade show held in New York, USA. It focuses on the craft spirits industry and includes a variety of packaging displays, offering a unique perspective on the market.

Glass packing exhibition


Spirits packing-Held in Verona, Italy, VinItaly is one of the largest wine exhibitions in the world. It includes a dedicated section for packaging and marketing, showcasing the latest trends and technologies in wine packaging.

Glass packing exhibition

Hiking Glass – Glass Bottle Leading in China

Spirits packing-Hiking Glass manufacturer is dedicated to crafting containers specifically designed for spirits, such as whiskey, vodka, gin, and rum. These specialized glass bottles and decanters are often characterized by their distinctive shapes, high durability, and aesthetic appeal, which are crucial for preserving the quality of the spirits and for marketing purposes. We combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to produce glassware that enhances the consumer’s experience and the brand’s image.

Color spraying glass bottle

The London International Wine Fair (LIWF)

Spirits packing-Although LIWF has been discontinued, it was a significant event in the UK that brought together wine producers, suppliers, and packaging professionals to discuss industry trends and showcase new packaging designs.

Glass packing exhibition

These exhibitions not only provide a platform for suppliers to showcase their latest offerings but also serve as a hub for industry professionals to exchange ideas, learn about new trends, and foster business relationships. They are essential for anyone looking to stay updated with the latest in wine and spirits packaging and are a testament to the creativity and innovation driving the industry forward.

Hiking goes to the packing show every year and welcomes your inquiries! Spirits packing

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