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Electroplated glass bottles are becoming more and more popular. The bright colored liquor bottles are widely used for champagne. UV electroplating is a mature technology, the colors are solid. We accept custom electroplated spirit bottles.

Gold colored vodka bottles are popular, the bright gold color highlight the liquor, attract clients to buy the vodka. Gold glass bottles looks like more premium and expensive, it is a truth to say it is expensive, as the bottle cost is higher than normal white glass bottles.

Except for gold color glass bottles. HIKING also supply silver color bottles, pink color bottles, black color bottles, etc.

As the colored spirit bottles are easy to scratch, so we must be careful on the packaging. Usually we use a PE bag to wrap each bad to avoid any defect on the bottles.

Welcome to buy electroplate glass bottles from HIKING. Electroplated spirits glass bottles supplier and manufacturer from Yuncheng, China.

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