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HIKING GLASS supply 1 liter glass bottles wholesale, available for small batch. The 1 liter glass bottle is for whiskey packaging, in a rough guita shape. The bottle comes with a T-cork top, matches with natural wood cork and synthetic cork. HIKING can modify the bottle top to screw top if clients like aluminum sealing way.

Decoration Application

HIKING Glass bottle manufacturer offers an abundant of deep decorations and multi surface handling for 1 liter glass bottles. You can enjoy one stop service from HIKING glass bottle factory, such as printing logo on frosted glass bottles, spraying colors on the clear surface, and UV electroplating glossy and shiny colors to improve the market grade.

Shipping/Freight Information

  • Plain Glass Bottles In Stock 5-10 days.

HIKING glass bottle manufacturer supply sufficient stock for 1 liter glass bottles. HIKING Glass bottle factory can deliver the cargo with one week for stock glass bottles if use our standard packaging method. For custom colored box packaging, it will take longer time.

  • Production Stock 7-15 days

If the 1 liter glass bottles are available at HIKING production line, then we can update the glass bottle schedule to make fast delivery real. One week for plain 1 liter glass bottles without any decoration. Two weeks for 1 liter glass bottles with decoration, like silk screen printing, frosting, spraying, electroplating, etc.

  • Special Order 20-30 days

HIKING glass bottle company has developed thousands of glass bottle molds in past 10 years. Mostly of the whiskey bottles are hot sale in many countries, mainly for 750ml vodka bottle, 700ml brandy bottle, 75cl whiskey glass bottle, and 500ml cognac spirits glass bottles. If distillery company choose from HIKING exist glass bottle designs, then it will save on mold cost, and quicker delivery time. These 1 liter glass bottles are available for a fast run instead of improving new mold. For standard packaging way, it usually takes 20 days for bulk glass bottle purchasing. And, 30 days for special packaging, like colored box.

  • Custom Order 40 days

Some distillery company owns their exclusive liquor packaging, so they have their own glass bottle packaging. In this way, if they provide their glass bottle drawing, or glass bottle sample, even a glass bottle picture, HIKING glass bottle supplier will develop or copy a same glass bottle. We can emboss logo on 1 liter glass bottles and engrave pattern on glass liquor bottles. It takes 15 days to make the glass bottle mold and finish the glass bottle samples. An official glass bottle order starts after the liquor bottle samples approved by clients.

Glass Bottle Packaging

HIKING glass bottle factory provide a safe packaging for long time and long way transport on both land and ocean. Our engineers provide few of different packaging methods to satisfy client’s requirements. We offer the most economic glass bottle packaging solutions depending on the multi cost caused in client’s country.

  • Standard Carton Packaging

Carton packaging is ideal for 1 liter glass bottles with decoration, like printing glass bottles, and colored glass bottles. There are cardboard separations divide each bottle, avoid from friction. Carton packaging is widely used in the countries where the labor cost is low.

  • Pallet Packaging (Fumigation Free)

Pallet packaging is usually for plain whiskey bottles, clear glass bottles without any surface handling. The advantage of pallet packaging is easy loading and unloading. Each bottle is wrapped by newspaper or PE bag, fixed on each separated space. Pallet packaging is widely used in the countries where the labor cost is high.

  • Custom Colored Box Packaging

HIKING glass spirit bottle manufacturer also accept colored box packaging. Distillery company usually apply 6 pcs glass bottles per box, or 12 pcs glass bottles per box. HIKING developed a new packaging box without tape sealing, strong enough for liquor retailers. There are glossy and matte color finish on the box, depending on client’s demand. To make the box safe and in case of scratch, the colored box will be placed on pallets and protected by film wrap.

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